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Residential Information Technology Support for your home and family!

John's Services

Computer/System Support

John specializes in providing personable, easy to understand computer support, all while applying over 18 years of direct experience with government and commercial client Information Technology projects. His IT background encompasses residential system administration and computer/ networking support for his clients throughout the DC Metro Area. 

System knowledge includes Windows, Mac, Linux, deprecated and current wireless technology solutions, most printers, scanners, fax machines, Apple devices, and other 'Internet of Things' equipment. Before responding to a call, all aspects of your family's systems and issue will be collected, and appropriate hardware and software will be obtained to ensure a repair that is as efficient as possible. Any purchases to address issues in the home, including price and scope, are verified and approved with the client prior to purchase, and no markup is taken on any client specific acquisitions. (In fact I provide the receipt in case you need to return an item at a later date). 

Network Support and Maintenance

Whether setting up a new wireless router, or troubleshooting and remedying your existing network, John will identify issues and provide solutions to ensure your home has access to technologies that provide consistent service and coverage throughout your home. 

Remote or In-Home Support

John personally supports each and every client, and will promptly schedule times for in-home service calls, or provide advanced remote support using only your computer and internet connection. He will work to get your system up and running efficiently; because John works directly with his clients, there are no hidden or surprise fees or charges.